Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Itunes not playing anything as not loaded onto laptop!

Well, due to a freak storm last week that involved the telephone line coming into the house via a tree being struck be lightening, not once not twice but three times. My computer suffered a power surge which not only took out the psu, but the motherboard and the cpu. It also blew the adsl modem and the monitor! Thank god for home insurance.

The good news is the system has been has now been totally re furbished and I’ve installed a shiny new net gear adsl wireless router modem thingeme bob. I can now roam the house with my laptop connected to the internet.

Sat here typing away in front of the telly blogging away. Will I be updating more often?
Today first day of four days off, took brother M for blood tests as he seems to have developed gout! Had lunch with A at Zoo and then went shopping with Ma at Waitrose, made a fab gutsy Cesaer salad, tons of parmesan and anchovies.

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