Thursday, August 03, 2006

Itunes ‘2+2=5’ Radiohead

Watching Jamies great escape, he’s killing a sheep, apparently!

Travelled myself around Hull looking for a 25watt oven light bulb. B&Q not on the shelf, don’t have it at the exorbitant price of £2.08. Ventured onto Hessle road, to a local fix everything including the dyson shop, the chap rummaged in a box of oven light bulbs to come up with nothing but 15watt! On to Newland avenue to failsafe Stamps Electrical, failsafe at £2.95.

Jamies now shooting a boar, my god he’ll be after big game soon.

Had lunch today at Nest Café on the Princes Avenue - fish finger sandwich, not the captains but small fillets of fresh fish in a ciabatta, Jamie would be proud.

Yet another new bar in the process of being brought into life, more the merrier.

Have to take some pictures, most of the pubs and cafes are really sympathetic to the Victorian architecture.

Jamie can really speak Italian, bastard.

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