Saturday, July 22, 2006

I tunes playing ‘fidelity’ by Regina Spektor

No updates for quite sometime, difficult to update during the summer, loads of blogs suffer a good weather black out.

Right lets try and compare and contrast the last couple of weeks. World Cup, Wimbledon and big brother (continues).

Jersey for four jam-packed days with A and Ma and Pa, returned Thursday after the hottest weather the British Isles has seen. Durrell foundation, War Museum, Corbiere Lighthouse and the most amazing beaches and harbours, pics to follow.

The business and future plans of A and I are soon (fingers crossed) to be realized. Much planning and sleepless nights ahead, what an adventure, we will be global very soon.
I’ve just eaten a packet of jaffa cakes and a box of Cadburys chocolate fingers, I feel sick. I’m on antibiotics as I’m glandular so really shouldn’t be eating all this crap.

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