Wednesday, May 17, 2006

itunes not playing anything because the it will dot work with my nano I updated yesterday doh! Downloading itunes 6 (from 4!)

Pics of sheffield weekend - A the grand old age of 35, Stayed at the St Pauls, v nice.

Attended the city hall to see Roddy Frame - minus band!

Had a great time, Sheffield on the up - Devonshire 1/4 and the wintergardens etc.


KAZ said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. Why? because I live in Manchester, studied in Sheffield and have just finished reading 'A Writer's life'. Oh and one of my best mates comes from Hull.
I love Maureen Lipman - won't mention the other bloke.

KAZ said...

Sorry - Was my 'comment' the reason you gave up blogging?