Wednesday, February 22, 2006

itunes playing 'Bet you look good on the dancefloor' by the Arctic Monkeys (who sold out Hull Ice arena in 50 seconds thereby being unable to sell tickets on ebay for stupid ammounts of money)
Yesterday involved much disolution at the bank - intense hatred of money lenders runs in the blood I guess.
Onwards and upwards a slight rethink and A and I are up and at it again...
Apprentice starts tonight, a girl from Hull appears, the girls win tonight so at least she won't be the first out...if they evict.
Miserable cold day, all the heating turned up full again.
MD visited my place of work today, the bicycle in the foyer had to be removed, it was locked secure so Nicky on her day off had to be called in to remove the said item from making the place look untidy, how pathetic.

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