Monday, January 30, 2006

Sony Ericsson Walkman playing 'Jackie Big Tits' by the Kooks

Slept quite late today, month of gloomy moods in the house continues unabated. Just watch the film footage of the bull jumping into the crowd in Spain, into the most expensive seats, quite fitting I thought.

Talking of expensive seats, bidding on eBay for Mozza tickets at the Opera House in Manchester on my birthday of May 7th is proving more than difficult. Silly amounts of money being bid, I’m sure we’ll get some; it’s surprising how many tickets are being flogged.

Funny night last night with the Mason crowd at Fudge, A being very loud after multiple glasses of sherry vinegar being sold as wine. Adam from Easington setting fire to a pink napkin with A screaming ‘ they don’t have fire in Easington, it’s a novelty!’ also Denis seemed to loose the use of his legs at some point during the night, his bottom half just wouldn’t co ordinate, the staff at the restaurant thought he was pissed but we knew better, due to his illness. Didn’t stop the younger members of the staff being in complete hysterics as he crashed head long into empty tables on his way back from a nicotine fix outside, Wayne the chef exclaiming, ‘look he’s laying the tables’!

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