Saturday, January 07, 2006

itunes playing 'Love at first sight' Kylie Minogue

Happy new year to all, now that winterval is over let 2006 begin, lots of plans, lots of things to accomplish this year including a return to Amsterdam c/o a free stay at the Lloyd Hotel.

Panto this year was excellent due to Canon and Ball hot footing from 'Im a celebrity get me out of here'.

Celebrity Big Brother is truly fantastic, Pete Burns should rule the world.

Santa claus this year brought me an ipod nano c/o A and lots of goodies. Just reading John Peels biog 'Margrave of the Marshes', fascinating life, still miss the man.

King Kong proved to be nearly too much for A at three hours. I found Narnia to be a blockbuster too far. Hope Brokeback Mountain lives up to the hype tomorrow. I'll let you know.

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