Tuesday, January 10, 2006

itunes playing 'Gong' by Sigur Ros

Spent last night with A at the cottage, attacking the christmas selection box and drinking mango and peach water from Sainsburys. Both enraptured by Big Brother and Pete Burns.

Earlier after the gym, A and I had a burger at Zoo Cafe on Newland Ave, (vegetarian), some poor chap came in and asked for a bacon sandwich, he was politely told by the girlie with purple hair that this was a vegetarian establishment to which he made a swift retreat, the girlie then went on to another worldly discussion on Pete Burns gorilla coat.

Seems like the councillors have backtracked on the thousand pound penalty for leaving wheelie bins looking unsightly in the street!

Me work colleauge L and his partner R are getting wed in Hull this September, I've been invited to the bash afterwoods, ew my first gay wedding, can't wait.

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