Monday, April 11, 2005

Spent hours in the potting shed planting on all the seeds that have bounced through all at once as usual.

Incredible bargin at B&Q, out of a tray that says 12 plants of 'Elizabeth Taylor' sweet peas I harvested 13 healthy plants.

Looking forward to Rufus on Wednesday, Mike at Troubled Diva recommends Wagamama for food prior to concert as A and I will be hitting Nottingham early afternoon.

Just emptied the compost bin onto the rasps and a hot bath is running and 'Never Let Me Go', is waiting to be picked up again, chilling curious stuff by Kazuo Ishiguro.


mike said...

I kept an eye out, but failed to make a positive ident. If you and your pal were both wearing stripey shirts in the middle of Row C, then K and I were directly behind you in the middle of Row G. I'm guessing you were the one on the right.

Stunning show, wasn't it? I was completely overwhelmed by it at times.

Larkin said...

Correct - both in the said shirts, yep gigs don't come much better than that, voice of an angel ;o)