Friday, April 22, 2005

Free of work for 4 whole days, yeah. Off to Manchester tomorrow, the Kylie weekend awaits, a posh loft apartment hotel type thing awaits c/o A. Champagne and canapes for friends prior to the gig, must get to Waitrose.

It's another beautiful day today, taking Ma to Millers in Skidby for an early lunch and then lazing about in the garden, may attend gym, may not, may read, may not, I can easily live without work.

Speaking of work we had a 2 hour training session which concluded with ownership of a fantastic Perry the Perch beanbag fish (to keep!) being thrown at you, the video featured a fish mongers business in New York Harbour, check out business books in Amazon entering the word fish, kewl! 'Choose your attitude', dude and 'be there'!

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