Monday, March 07, 2005

Blur of a week end with the new 12.5 hr shifts in situ. Lemon Jelly on Thursday night at the Sheffield Octagon was fantastic, the whole place turned into a love in and the students fell for the light show hook line and sinker. Finished off the set with my favourite track 'The Staunton Lick'.

Eurovision 'Makin your mind up', what a cracker, I have to admit due to the awfulness of Jordans performance I voted for her online at work because it was free, I was amazed at Javines performance, far too good for Eurovision but with a title like 'touch my fire' we stand a good chance! I shall be on holiday in Greece for Eurovision, hope A and I make it to a telly.

Bagged tickets to see The Kings of Leon at the Bridlington Spa in July, whoa.

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