Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I’ve just ordered an ipod Shuffle, 120-song version yeah. Read about it in today’s Telegraph and ordered just now, painless and 79 quid, bargain, gym will never be the same again!

Narinda the hygienist at the dentist has given me very poor results on the state of my gums. Given me this horrible mouthwash that stains the teeth and cannot be used with toothpaste. Apparently all these years I’ve been brushing my teeth incorrectly. I have avoided brushing the gum line due to bleeding and sensitive teeth and this is the reason they are bleeding, plaque deposits doh!

‘If I brush the teeth as you suggest Narinda my bathroom will look like a scene from the Evil Dead’ to which Narinda replied, ‘Just give you mouth a rinse with mouth wash, after two weeks it’ll stop’.

I might have lost too much blood by then, but here goes.

On driving to A’s this morning prior to the hygienist Jo Whiley played U2’s new track, ‘Sometimes you can’t make it on your own’, thinking about the interview on Jonathon Ross when Bono explained he’d written it for his late father, I bawled, tears ran down my face driving along thinking about dad and now not being alone. I later bought the album, played track 3 just to see if it had the same effect and… yes it did, Its not as if I’m a big U2 fan or anything, must be turning into John Peel.

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