Sunday, December 12, 2004

Lanzarote, a lot cooler place than I imagined, Cesar Manrique really contributed a lot to the aesthetics of the Island, which is a lot less tacky than the other canaries. It rained but it was 22 degrees. I was however all in by half past nine every night, I’m not sure if this was down to the sea air, fatigue or illness.

Jetted back on the Wednesday and headed off for Brugge on the Friday via P&O. I could if the opportunity arose move to Brugge. That would be good.

Back home again and work in complete turmoil, I was informed via email whilst on holiday that I will not be required to continue working shifts and would be transferred to normalish office hours within two weeks.

After much communication with union and HR, the management has by all accounts had their collective arses kicked and told to go away and behave themselves, terms and conditions are as we all know are in the hands of HR and nothing what so ever to do with people who call themselves managers.

The Christmas menu at The Boars Nest really good, had a fantastic meal with A on Thursday, hmmm.

Rowetta from the x factor has been nominated chav of the year by the Observer which I think is….well funny to be honest, I wonder who got chavette?

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Yorkshire Soul said...

I love Lanzarote and I'm a big fan of Manrique, the lava house and undergound auditorium are both quite awesome.

We're going en masse in early Jan, 7 adults, 4 toddlers, should be a hoot.