Saturday, September 11, 2004

‘Heavy rain is now bashing the Island’, Alistair Yates on Beeb news 24 immaculately turned out as ever, his tone of voice screams ‘what am I doing here at this time in the morning’. My thoughts exactly, at least we’re not sat in the middle of a hurricane.
Third anniversary of 9/11, blogs I reckon are the complete antidote to terror, a celebration of life and not its destruction. The events of the last week my brain has been unable to compute. As much as I appreciate the history of Chechnya from its Stalinist mass deportation resulting in half the population being wiped out to the two recent invasions by the current regime, in no way excuse the atrocity in Beslan.

Henman and Federra for a place in the final of the US Open, whoa.

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