Friday, September 24, 2004

The Bodgers are conspicuous by their absence. Rang the contact and he stated the builders will be along Saturday to lay the concrete. He could obviously sense the panic in my voice as he called back five minutes later to confirm the builders would be along on Saturday. One layer of bricks is flush to the outside wall, while the other layer on the sidewall is half a brick in! The corner at the base of the wall has also been damaged? I can’t believe my luck.

I will not be tackling the bodgers tomorrow but will let them get on and make a mess of it, when the guys turn up to erect the porch I’ll be there with my shot gun to warn em off. I’m paying for a concrete base, not an eyesore.

From the Royale Family, Nan, ‘ The specialist said he’ll remove the cataracts but leave the twinkle in my eye’, classic, I’ve laughed out loud today when this line popped into my brain. I’ll have to get the dvd’s out.

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