Sunday, August 22, 2004

Busy week working, being glued to the Olympics, managed to squeeze a meal out with A at the now familiar Pizza Express, Beverley Friday. Finished, at long last, Dan Browns ‘The Da Vini Code’, disappointed at the end but fun along the way.
Broadband is not for me, after only 4 days the computer went belly up and everything had to be re installed, nightmare. Cancelled my subscription forthwith and returned back to ye olde dial up.
Went to view an investment property, nice little flat in Cottingham, appointment at 1pm, arrived, no one home, the Egyptian girl who resides there according to neighbours has learning difficulties, or as the neighbour put it, ‘problems remembering things, coming and going at all hours’. Which is good, needless to say she forgot I was arriving. Yet another filling this week, my teeth look and feel no better. Quotes for a porch unbelievable 2K and rising, I can feel my visa card groaning.
I wonder what next week will bring; this one has been quite interesting.

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