Monday, July 05, 2004

Last day of antibiotics and still not really on top form, could not summon enough energy to visit the gym, instead pottered around the house doing minor repairs i.e. taking off outside grill, re painting rusty patch on wall and spray painting grill black before replacing. Filling in, with sealant, cracks to outside stable door all manor or wondrous repairs.
Working all hours, no replacement for resigned colleague the post is now being advertised externally as no one internal is fool enough to apply. I could sleep for a week.
In my search for a replacement wall clock, the old one having given up, the pendulum started to speed up and the time went out of the window, it was an electronic effort and I am determined to find one that I remember being on my Na na’s wall as a child. It was a simple 1920’s pendulum wall clock, wind up with a Westminster charm. I’ll never forget the sound it made, a sound of time passing with real authority. Anyway visited a shop in Hull that is half museum and half antique curio shop, Granny’s Parlor. The owner kindly gave me direction to a place where I should be able to find exactly what I’m looking for,

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