Sunday, June 13, 2004

Sunbathing until time for work, lots of repeated factor 8 as the sun is intense and reported to be getting hotter Monday and Tuesday. Intense is the word I describe my mood of late but that’s another story. Sometimes you turn a corner and whereas the cup was full before you suddenly realize it’s all but empty. But that’s life, as Ester would say.
Why is strictly come dancing so cool, is it Bruce? Is it so bad its good? God only knows. I know I’ve taped it! Why does every player in the Croatian team look like a mad b*****d, definitely not to be messed with but cool all the same, poor old Switzerland.
Jumped on the scales today and what would you know 12 stone, must recheck at the gym tomorrow this cannot be true, I’ve filled the works desk Disney tigger mug up with two mighty bags of smarties and have been munching all weekend.

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