Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Gothic bird table arrived c/o Amazon reseller and erected. I say arrived, it should have arrived last Tuesday, I was out, courier left note to contact call center, called and they said sorry will deliver tomorrow Wednesday. No delivery Wednesday it came Thursday, again I was out. Rang, ok will deliver Friday, did it arrive, no it didn’t, did it arrive Sat or Sun or Mon, no it didn’t, after much ringing around it turned up in the couriers depot at junction 1 of the M18, it arrived today. Life is complicated at time, especially for Gothic bird tables. Birds are a bit weary of it but it’s looking good, although its smaller than I imagined, internet shopping, it’ll never catch on!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you'll get lots of undead birds using it during the night.

- torturette

Anonymous said...

The undead birds will hopefully be reading Emily Bronte.