Saturday, May 22, 2004

High pressure and ground frost. My head is stuffed with all things love struck, cupid has been firing his little arrows again and it will have to stop if I’m going to carry on with any semblance of a so called normal life. I will have to purge myself of any foolish notions of happiness, its bleak house round here, enough already.
The Arab world is reeling at the abuse of detainees by their American captors. It is sad but not surprising, this behavior is never excusable but neither is milking the situation for all its worth achieving anything positive either.
Arab nations are meeting in Tunis, I visited Tunis last year as part of a summer cruise which wasn’t as tacky as expected. Visited Sidi Bou Said, amazing village with bright blue doors and white buildings. Also wandered around the Casbah in Tunis drinking very strong and sugary mint tea.
Mark Thompson the new bigwig at BBC at 46 looks to have had a charmed life, graduate trainee with BBC working up through the system for 23 years before leaving to lead channel 4 for a new challenge in a different area. It all seems so simple unlike my doomed work history/career or lack of it. I’m not bitter.

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