Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Driving home on Sunday night listening to Radio 4 show about disability a young chap had been given the opportunity to produce a piece about how people with disability relate to the old fashioned terms (of abuse) still used and reported upon. The young chap explained the umbrage of those with disability to the term ‘handicapped’ as in ‘visually handicapped’ that’s a no no but ok if you use the term and are visually impaired. Then described how annoying it is when journalists refer to ‘the’ disabled or ‘the’ visually impaired how inhuman it is. And then went on to say, and this floored me – nearly crashing the car in the process ‘by lumping us all together it makes us sound that we all travel by sharabang or sunshine coaches.’ I think it was the word ‘Sharabang’ that did it, lovely.

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