Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Still no snow today, attended college for my adult education trip/fix of the week. Hilarious, Maxine the course tutor lovely as ever – cross between Raquelle (Corie) and Marjorie Dawes. It’s approaching three quarters way through the course and we’ve taken one test out of 7 or 8 modules, I passed this with 29.5 out of 30! Not sure if this was a delaying tack to put off mass panic. I’m sat next to Margaret the dyslexic who failed one module of the course last year and thought one term would be sufficient to complete her ECDL passport – whoops term three here we come. Network problems again – much pandemonium in logging on – Paul from IT present, Maxine repeatedly thanking him for his attendance and successfully getting us all access to the internet, only to find the ECDL site was having problems – better luck next week. Margaret at one point exclaimed 'how do you spell Venus?’.

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